La Gipsoteca Antonio Canova di Possagno

This is really one of the most charming place of Italian Art. Requires a visit by all those who deeply love sculpture.

The rich collection of original plaster model and plaster casts by Antonio Canova is presented in an attractive succession according to the original arrangement. The gispoteca is divided into two main rooms connected by an atrium. The Galleria Lazzari and AlaScarpa named after the two architects who have designed Francesco Lazzari (1791-1871) and Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978).
The Gipsoteca was commissioned by the Canova’s brother Giovanni Battista Sartori (1775-1858) after the death of the sculptor to accommodate all the casts that were in his roman studio which
closed in 1826. Located right in Possagno (Treviso) just north of Venice, birthplace of Canova, is inserted in the property that was of the family so is possible to visit also the Pinacoteca inside the house and the beautiful garden.
Possagno rise under the Monte Grappa where there was the italian defensive line during the first world war. In 1917 the roof of the Galleria Lazzari was broken by a bomb and many sculptures were severely damaged. Lather two painters of the place Stefano Serafin and his son Siro executed the accurate restoration, the missing parts were reconstructed through the plaster casts
taken from the original marbles.
The numerous plaster models used to carve the marbles are very interesting to study and through the recognizable traces on the plasters the technological process can be investigated in great detail revealing the way to work at that time and by Canova himself.

All Photos by Andrea Felice 2016 ©