The Plaster

With its beautiful rendering of chiaroscuro has always been the most suitable and loved material by all those who want to appreciate the classic shape of a cast. An ancient patina with warm tones gives the plaster the particular charm of the time. This material has the advantage of being light, economical and particularly suitable for architectural furnishing elements. It is not suitable to be placed outdoors or in humid environments.

White Gyps Resin

As an alternative to gypsum, we have developed a special white resin: the White Gyps Resin with the same color and aesthetic look of plaster. It has the same lights-and-shadows, not glossy, not brilliant but more resistant. The White Gyps Resin is particularly suitable for casts intensively used in art academies, sculpture studies and art class.

The Resin

It is a new generation synthetic material which, due to its versatility, is widely used in our field of plastic arts. Very resistant and able to imitate faithfully, for appearance, many traditional materials such as marble, bronze and terracotta. Our resins are added with inert powders during the mixing.