What We Do

Casts and Replicas

Casts of excellent quality. All our replicas are of first generation because they are taken directly from the original sculptures preserved in museums.

Mold Making

We work at the service of sculptors for the molding in plaster and silicon rubber on works of all sizes.

Scenography and Film Sets

Making of scenography in resin and plaster. Long experience on the major Italian and foreign film sets. For over sixty years at the service of the best directors and set designers.

Sculpture for Rent

Rental Service for Film Sets, Drawing Courses, Art Workshops, Theater Scenes, Exhibitions, Photo Shoots and Events.

Restoration and Repairs

Restorations of highest level on collections of plaster casts and marble sculptures. Our Restorers of Cultural Heritage have performed important restorations in major italian museums.


Courses and Demos for the mold making and casting of sculptures. Teaching of the traditional technique of molding and sculpture technique.