Il Peccato, statues for the movie

the success of a film is due to the genius of the director, his collaborators and all the workers who with passion try to achieve excellence.

The scenography work must be equally of high level. Only passion and hard work allow you to rise to perfection.

In 2017, filming started for this extraordinary movie for which we at Felicecalchi have made the replica of Moses cast from archive molds taken directly on the original marble from the Tomb of Julius II in San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome.

The director requested us the realization of a terracotta sketch and also a block of marble of the same monumental dimensions as the sculpture, where we could see the knee and the drapery.

The final effect of the statues in film frames, is truly surprising.

We have get the real marble aspect of the cast of Moses by using a resin mixed with Carrara marble powder and then polishing the surface with wax, just as Michelangelo did on the original marble.

The film, released in theaters in 2019, is available on DVD.