Trevi Fountain (scale model)

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Scale model of the largest and most famous Fountain of Rome. The arrangement of the square was commissioned by Pope Urban VIII to Gian Lorenzo Bernini on 1640. After a long time and many vicissitudes the fountain was then built on the design of Nicola Salvi which took up the Bernini idea, retaining some Baroque notes and concluded under the pontificate of Clement XIII in 1762.
The Trevi Fountain, from which flows the Aqua Virgo (Virgin Water) whose aqueduct was built by Agrippa in 19 b.C., is one of the most famous fountains in the world. The theme represented is that of the sea with the statues of Corsini, Ludovisi, Queirolo, Pincelotti, Della Valle and Bracci.
The fountain has assumed an iconic role in the city of Rome, the best known tradition is linked to the launching of a coin in the fountain, making this act with closed eyes the desire to return to Rome would be fulfilled. The symbolic role of the fountain is also due to its constant presence in cinema and photography. One of the most famous scenes in Italian cinema is the film La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini in 1960 with Anita Ekberg taking a purifying bath in the fountain’s water inviting Marcello Mastroianni to follow her.
The reduction scale is about 1:33.

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Dimensions 100 × 80 × 80 cm